Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks In Condos


Those who live in condominiums often love the experience; they appreciate the maintenance free living, the one floor living space, and access to community amenities. In fact, quite often, condo living is the perfect choice for many people in particular circumstances – single people, those who have just moved to an area and are assessing their options, retirees, and those who prefer apartment living but don’t want to do any more rentals.

One of the drawbacks of living in condos, of course, is the space limitations. Even for those who prefer smaller living arrangements, they often let that small space define what they think they can bring into the condo and what they think will be too much.

For instance, I have a friend who recently bought a condo after her divorce. It’s really perfect for her; it’s the perfect size and it’s manageable as far as upkeep (with her full time work schedule she couldn’t take on a lawn to mow and flower beds to maintain). She has been busily and happily filling her home with the things that make her happiest in the world, taking care not to overwhelm the space with objects that may be out of scale.

But she was hesitant about an upcoming purchase that she really wanted to make; that of a grandfather clock. She said that she has always, always wanted a grandfather clock; that grandfather clocks make a house a home and she was set on finding one that fit her style perfectly. And she did – on this online supplier site that had every conceivable style of grandfather clocks from really well known manufacturers. Plus the price was great. But she worried that it would take over her condo.

I convinced to her go ahead and try; that the grandfather clock might just give her a great focal point in her living area. Well, her grandfather clock arrived last week and it looks great. It just goes to show you that large or small, a house with a grandfather clock is truly a home.

Plan for the Holidays with Grandfather Clocks


I don’t know about you, but every year around this time I already start to feel the pressure of the holiday season. It may certainly seem ridiculous being that it’s only September, but I just feel that as soon as I blink my eyes it will be December and I’ll be behind the eight ball, yet again. I feel like there’s probably a great middle ground for being prepared but not overzealous and I am in the process of finding that sweet spot.

This year instead of nickel and diming myself to death and coming away with a bunch of little gifts that my husband is surely going to forget in a month’s time, I am going to put the money I would have spent on all these trinkets into getting him something he has wanted for our home for some time – a grandfather clock.

We just moved into this place about a year ago; it’s our dream house and we’ve had all the fun in the world going room by room through our home looking for ways to make it ours and make it truly special. We have not sacrificed in choosing those pieces that we really love; if we don’t have the money we just wait for what we want instead of filling the void with cheaper substitutes.

In the front of our home is a study/library that my husband has essentially claimed as his own and since we set foot in this place he has wanted a grandfather clock in “his” room. So this holiday season I will be presenting him with a truly unique grandfather clock that I have chosen from 1-800-4CLOCKS. Their selection was amazing – some of the most beautiful grandfather clocks made by renowned clock makers; and the price was great too.

This holiday is going to be truly something special!

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