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Town & Country Grandfather Clocks, Part II


In the last post I began to talk about how my husband and I have satisfied our love for the country and the city respectively by essentially having two homes. And how we set out to decorate both with nothing but a shared loved of grandfather clocks.

There is a vibe in a city home that is very different from that of a country house; and the décor must follow suit. How, we wondered, would a grandfather clock work in both places? We assumed that we would purchase a traditional style grandfather clock for our primary residence – something that would look perfect in our cozy living room that is lined with books shelves and filled with overstuffed chairs. But we had no idea that we would find something equally fitting for our city apartment.

It became clear just how much selection there really is when it comes to grandfather clocks when we went online. We found this amazing clock supplier with an extensive selection of grandfather clocks (and all other types of clocks for that matter) at great prices. Best of all, the site represents some of the most well-known clock manufacturers in the world, which meant that we knew we were getting a superior quality product that would be guaranteed.

Right off the bat we found a traditional grandfather clock for our home. It was just what we both wanted – dark wood, ornate artwork, and a beautiful melody played on the hour.

But then we discovered a selection of contemporary grandfather clocks that were the perfect fit for our city apartment; styles that we didn’t even know existed. We found this amazing grandfather clock that suited our apartment perfectly. Now we have his and hers grandfather clocks waiting for us whether we’re headed to the country or we’re city bound.

Town & Country Grandfather Clocks, Part I


Remember that song where she was a little more country and he was a little more rock n’ roll? That for sure describes me and my husband. He is happiest settled in the woods with a fire roaring in front of him and nothing but the sound of the crickets to keep him company. I am a city girl at heart. Silence is deafening to me. Without the sound of taxis beeping their horns and the feeling of energy swirling around me, I feel like I am in a vacuum.

These diverging styles have presented a challenge for sure. We have had to make many, many compromises in order for us to both feel content and that we have not sacrificed who we are for the other. We have been fortunate enough to have the means in our later years to really play out that compromise by essentially having two very separate homes. Most of the time we live in the country (close enough to the suburbs that we are not completely without necessities); but on holidays and weekends we head to our apartment in a nearby city. This may be the complete opposite of what most people do – as evidenced by the people we pass heading out to their country houses for the holidays – but it works for us.

And having two very distinct homes has meant decorating them accordingly – something that we are united in doing to reflect both of our tastes. Luckily, one thing that we most assuredly agree on is grandfather clocks; we just love them and think that no home is complete without a grandfather clock. And what we have discovered is that grandfather clocks just as easily work in both styles of home.

In the next post, I’ll share how grandfather clocks have worked equally well in both of our homes.

Traditional Still Shines with Grandfather Clocks


Trends change with the wind; just when something becomes popular it’s gone again with something new and improved replacing it. It’s hard to keep up. And even if we do manage to keep up, we are spending significant hard earned cash to do so. Sometimes the classics are the way to go in terms of home décor; they never go out of style which means that you are spending significantly less time and money worrying about replacing furniture or accessories that are no longer in style.

Grandfather clocks are one of the shining examples of how classic pieces can work in any room in a home and in any style home for that matter. While it’s true that grandfather clocks can be found in nearly every style and design these days (clock manufacturers produce everything from modern and contemporary to antique-inspired grandfather clocks), traditional style grandfather clocks are still available and are a great way to add sophisticated style to any home.

Consumers can find traditional style grandfather clocks through comprehensive online suppliers that promote the brands of some of the most reputable and highly regarded clock manufacturers in the world. Some of these classic style grandfather clocks can easily be a permanent fixture in any home; an investment that the homeowner makes in a solid piece that can last for generations to come and even take the role of a family heirloom.

With traditional grandfather clocks in the home, an entryway can be transformed, an office can be elevated to a sophisticated décor, a living room can be given some warmth, and nearly any room in the house can be changed dramatically.

Making a Grandfather Clock Center Stage


In the home where I spent the last fifteen years it was all small spaces and tight corners; it was a great starter home but three kids later we were most definitely overflowing the house. We moved into a much larger contemporary model home mostly because I fell in love with the vaulted ceiling foyer inside the front door. It was such a wonderfully dramatic space and I could just imagine welcoming friends and family into my home in this lovely entranceway.

What was at first my favorite part of the home quickly became my biggest challenge, however, as I struggled with what to do with this space in terms of décor. It was large enough that it could handle almost anything but I didn’t want to overpower guests when they walked in with some monstrous piece. And a small occasion table would be absolutely dwarfed in such a grand entrance. I was stuck.

Until I found this great website that specialized in clocks, and among them the grandest of grandfather clocks. I knew immediately that this was the perfect solution for my entryway dilemma. With a grandfather clock in this space the area would be warm, welcoming, and yet contain something that was to scale in this rather large space. And so I ordered the most beautiful grandfather clock made from Howard Miller who I know to be one of the top grandfather clock manufacturers in the industry.

Well, I was right. The grandfather clock that I found was absolutely perfect in this space and absolutely what it needed in terms of drama and warmth. In this house, my grandfather clock took center stage!

Taking Grandfather Clocks Underground


Recently I moved into a single family home; which may not seem like a big deal to some people but for me, who grew up in an apartment, it was a very big deal indeed. Here I was, with actual stairs inside my home that took you to a whole new level of living! And, if that were not grand enough, there was the basement below where I had my own private space to do whatever I pleased. Well, whatever I pleased was scrapbooking which is my favorite pastime when I’m not working. Scrapbooking is a lot of fun and actually very much a stress release as you’re focused on nothing else but the task at hand. But it is also very difficult if you don’t have the space for all the materials.

My basement area provided the perfect spot for scrapbooking. I put a big table down there and arranged all my bins of materials. And then I started really decorating the space to make it my own. I figured the kids had their own rooms, my husband was either in the garage or planted in front of his giant flat screen television he had so longed for and now had, and I was due a spot of my own. And so I decorated.

Before long, I had my little work area, a sitting area with some comfy couches, and some of my favorite artwork on the walls. But the best addition? The grandfather clock that I had been eyeing for months. I found it on this great website where they have all these great clocks including some of the coolest grandfather clocks I have ever seen. I choose a very traditional grandfather clock that fits perfectly in my work space and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Getting Creative with Grandfather Clocks


I am an interior designer and as such I work in many, many homes and for many different kinds of clients. This means that one day I may be working with a client that is more traditional and interested in creating a comfortable space amidst a neutral palette; and on the next day I could be working with a couple who lives in the city and wants a more modern approach to décor. The trick is to deliver the clients what they want and still infuse my own personal approach of what I know to be true about design principles.

Most recently I worked with a younger couple that was anything but ordinary; they are both in performing arts and their design taste ran to the creative and unique. This was an opportunity for me to really let my creative juices flow in terms of color, fabric, furnishing, and accessories and it wound up being just a terrifically fun project.

The couple did not offer much in the way of restrictions and were really open to any and all of my suggestions. The only thing the woman wanted was a grandfather clock; she made it clear from the beginning that this was the one and only piece she was really counting on and hoped I could find something that was more suited to their style.

I thought that this could easily be one of my biggest challenges. The only grandfather clocks that I could picture were those that were more traditional in design. I couldn’t imagine that there would be anything out there that would appeal to my client.

But I wound up finding the perfect grandfather clock in the one place I would have never imagined – online. Through this amazing clock supplier, I was able to not just settle for a grandfather clock that may or may not work but offer my client a whole host of choices from which to choose; grandfather clocks that were completely modern, totally fun, and completely in line with their personalities. They choose a grandfather clock within minutes and it really was the perfect piece to top off the design project.

The Love for a Grandfather Clock


Did you ever love an inanimate object so much that it may as well be human? A stuffed animal when you were a child, perhaps? A favorite blanket? Well, that’s how I felt about the grandfather clock that was in my grandparents’ house. My grandparents lived on a huge piece of property in Maine in a log cabin that my grandfather had built with his own two hands. It’s safe to say that it was my favorite place in the whole world as a child and I still have the fondest of memories of the summers I spent there, barefoot among the blueberries.

But for anyone who has spent any significant time in Maine they can attest to the fact that it is dark at night. Not just ordinary dark. Dark, dark. Black dark. The kind of dark that feels like a blanket and almost convinces you that you have gone blind sometime in the middle of the night. As a child, I was terrified of the dark, and as I usually slept in the foldout couch in my grandparents’ living room, I was not lacking for darkness. And so, my grandparents would leave the light on in the grandfather clock; that is to say, the light inside the hood of the clock that would illuminate its face and punctuate its artwork with an otherworldly glow.

Needless to say that this grandfather clock and I became very good friends. I would talk to him at night and he would stare at me unblinking before playing me a gentle tune at the top of the hour. That grandfather clock always felt like my own personal sentry that was standing guard over me through the night. I just loved it so.

Unfortunately, in the later years, after my grandparents’ death the clock was sold in an estate sale. I was too young at the time to take ownership of it and it broke my heart. And so I did the next best thing by making a grandfather clock – of very similar design – my very first purchase when I bought my first home. After all, it would not have been the same without it.

Grandfather Clocks in All Season Rooms


Many homeowners choose to expand their home with all season rooms – allowing them to increase their living space and add value to their home. All season rooms, like their name suggests, are able to be used regardless of the season; a change out in windows transforms the space – screen windows from late spring through mid-fall for a beautiful breezy room in which to entertain and storm windows during the colder months so you can still feel as though you are outside but are comfortable in terms of temperature.

Decorating all season rooms is part of the fun of having them to begin with; they are rooms in which you can really express your personal style. Perhaps you would like a lovely sitting area in which you and your guests can sit and enjoy a cocktail, or an extra eating area for everything from barbecues to breakfast. All season rooms allow homeowners to use their homes in a new and different way and really bring the outdoors inside.

But in decorating this space it is very important to do it in a way that allows the room to flow seamlessly with the rest of the home; it should not look like an addendum, it should like it was always a part of the house. To this end, more permanent pieces can help transform an all season room into an actual room. A piece such a grandfather clock is a classic piece that will help to anchor what is normally considered to be a “transitory” room. Grandfather clocks help create a focal point in a room and transform it into something solid and permanent – like the grandfather clock itself.

Grandfather Clocks In Condos


Those who live in condominiums often love the experience; they appreciate the maintenance free living, the one floor living space, and access to community amenities. In fact, quite often, condo living is the perfect choice for many people in particular circumstances – single people, those who have just moved to an area and are assessing their options, retirees, and those who prefer apartment living but don’t want to do any more rentals.

One of the drawbacks of living in condos, of course, is the space limitations. Even for those who prefer smaller living arrangements, they often let that small space define what they think they can bring into the condo and what they think will be too much.

For instance, I have a friend who recently bought a condo after her divorce. It’s really perfect for her; it’s the perfect size and it’s manageable as far as upkeep (with her full time work schedule she couldn’t take on a lawn to mow and flower beds to maintain). She has been busily and happily filling her home with the things that make her happiest in the world, taking care not to overwhelm the space with objects that may be out of scale.

But she was hesitant about an upcoming purchase that she really wanted to make; that of a grandfather clock. She said that she has always, always wanted a grandfather clock; that grandfather clocks make a house a home and she was set on finding one that fit her style perfectly. And she did – on this online supplier site that had every conceivable style of grandfather clocks from really well known manufacturers. Plus the price was great. But she worried that it would take over her condo.

I convinced to her go ahead and try; that the grandfather clock might just give her a great focal point in her living area. Well, her grandfather clock arrived last week and it looks great. It just goes to show you that large or small, a house with a grandfather clock is truly a home.

Plan for the Holidays with Grandfather Clocks


I don’t know about you, but every year around this time I already start to feel the pressure of the holiday season. It may certainly seem ridiculous being that it’s only September, but I just feel that as soon as I blink my eyes it will be December and I’ll be behind the eight ball, yet again. I feel like there’s probably a great middle ground for being prepared but not overzealous and I am in the process of finding that sweet spot.

This year instead of nickel and diming myself to death and coming away with a bunch of little gifts that my husband is surely going to forget in a month’s time, I am going to put the money I would have spent on all these trinkets into getting him something he has wanted for our home for some time – a grandfather clock.

We just moved into this place about a year ago; it’s our dream house and we’ve had all the fun in the world going room by room through our home looking for ways to make it ours and make it truly special. We have not sacrificed in choosing those pieces that we really love; if we don’t have the money we just wait for what we want instead of filling the void with cheaper substitutes.

In the front of our home is a study/library that my husband has essentially claimed as his own and since we set foot in this place he has wanted a grandfather clock in “his” room. So this holiday season I will be presenting him with a truly unique grandfather clock that I have chosen from 1-800-4CLOCKS. Their selection was amazing – some of the most beautiful grandfather clocks made by renowned clock makers; and the price was great too.

This holiday is going to be truly something special!

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