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Grandfather Clocks Can Make All The Difference, Part II


So you’ve moved into your new home and you’re thrilled to be there. But now looking around at all the empty rooms in the home you realize you may have stretched yourself so far in getting to this point that there’s nothing left with which to maneuver in terms of design.

In the last post, we discussed how many people find themselves in this scenario and often one of the better things to do is buy a really good piece of furniture or a really beautiful accessory around which to build décor one piece at a time.

In this respect, grandfather clocks offer many benefits in helping homeowners achieve their design goals including:

* Grandfather clocks come in a variety of styles and are made using a variety of materials. Purchasing a grandfather clock does not necessarily mean that you have to get something traditional in design. Rather, there are many styles from which to choose including contemporary, antique-inspired, and country. Buy a grandfather clock in your style and you’re sure to love it for many, many years to come.

* Grandfather clocks are classics. No matter what you do with your wardrobe in terms of staying current with your style, chances are you will always have a classic pair of black pants in your wardrobe if you’re a woman (not to mention the classic little black dress) and a classic suit in your wardrobe if you’re a man. In a home, there are pieces that are considered classic and around which trends may revolve. Grandfather clocks are your classic pieces; no matter what the trends are at the moment, they will always be in style.

* Grandfather clocks can fill a room. Even if you’re not ready to do full-blown decorating just yet, you can still give a room some design depth with a grandfather clock. Its size and its style can fill a room on many levels.

Grandfather Clocks Can Make All The Difference, Part I


Remember what it was like to move into your first home? When you were barely pulling enough money together to get into the house let alone decorate it in any sort of meaningful way? Those early years we are lucky to procure enough furniture from well meaning friends and family to create a comfortable home; the idea of going out and spending money on new pieces was simply out of the question.

Today, our finances may be a bit more in line but that doesn’t mean that most of us have an overwhelming cash flow. After all, we may be making more but chances are much more is going out than ever before; having a family and all that entails has made it more difficult than ever to make ends meet on a month to month basis. Having anything left over – enough to do anything with – is a luxury in and of itself.

For homeowners who want to make a dent in their design goals, sometimes it makes the most sense to purchase one high end item; something that will serve as the first piece in a foundation of décor. With this one piece in our possession, going forward, we can begin to add one piece at a time to complete the look. Grandfather clocks may be just the thing that many homeowners need to set the tone for their present and future design goals.

Grandfather clocks have many benefits in terms of offering a foundation on which to build a home’s décor. In the next post, we’ll discuss the benefits offered by grandfather clocks and how this one purchase can make all the difference.

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