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Don’t Stop With Just One Grandfather Clock, Part II


In the last post, we discussed the propensity of homeowners to only purchase one grandfather clock for their home – thinking that it will only serve its purpose in one spot. The reality is that grandfather clocks can work in a number of different situations and in a variety of rooms, making the purchase of multiple grandfather clocks something that the homeowner may want to consider.

Some of the ways in which homeowners can use grandfather clocks include:

* In an entranceway for those who have a large enough foyer. The grand entrances that come with some of the larger home construction can handle a grandfather clock and will make for a dramatic entrance to any home.

* In a large dining room where it will be at home among other elegant pieces of furniture.

* In a family room where family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. This may be the opportunity to use less formal grandfather clock designs. There are many contemporary grandfather clock designs that will work in less formal spaces.

* In a study or library. There is nothing more regal than a grandfather clock in a study or library amidst books and other pieces. This is where a grandfather clock has the potential to look most at home.

The point is that grandfather clocks do not have to be relegated to one room in the home. There are many rooms in the home in which grandfather clocks can fit seamlessly – elevating the décor of the room and the home at large, as well as offering visitors a nice surprise.

Don’t Stop With Just One Grandfather Clock, Part I


Grandfather clocks have always been those pieces with which we anchor rooms; perfect in the corner of a dining room, living room, study, library, and even as the focal point in a entranceway. Those who want to make their home décor something truly special often look for those very special pieces that will not only stand on their own but will enhance the overall palette of the home. Grandfather clocks work exceptionally well in this regard; they are able to stand on their own as they are a piece that have unusual height and power; and used within very specific rooms in the home, they are able to complement and elevate the existing home décor.

Because they are considered a bit of an investment, grandfather clocks are generally purchased singularly. Homeowners look for one spot in which a grandfather clock will work the best and they purchase the clock that will fulfill their design goals. The modern grandfather clock lends itself to any home décor, as clock suppliers are able to offer grandfather clocks in traditional styles, contemporary designs, and even unique styles that are constructed from unique materials.

While this purchase will undoubtedly work towards increasing the elegance and sophistication of a home, it is shortsighted on the homeowner’s part to consider a grandfather clock to be only a singular purchase. The fact is that grandfather clocks can be used in several rooms in a home and homeowners should be sure to make note of this fact when making their purchase.

In the next post, we’ll discuss some of the many ways in which multiple grandfather clocks can be used in a home.

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