Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks or Grandmother Clocks: Make a Room Sing


Clocks have long been used in rooms around the world to serve a purpose and create a mood. Grandfather clocks have historically been the most notable of such clocks – expensive pieces that were once only able to be purchased by the wealthiest of homes. As time went on, however, grandfather clocks became more affordable and homes everywhere were making them a staple in their décor.

Today, grandfather clocks are affordable pieces that can be found online through comprehensive suppliers – suppliers that are dedicated to providing high quality pieces at competitive prices. Such grandfather clocks are able to stand on their own and make a statement in any room and in any home, regardless of their style. From traditional to contemporary, a home of any kind will be well served by the proper placement of a grandfather clock.

One of the things that make a grandfather clock so popular is its size – standing at least 6 feet tall, grandfather clocks have power and presence. This allows a grandfather clock to pack a real punch in terms of visual impact in a room. But what if you like the look of a grandfather clock but feel that its size is just a little too much for the room you have in mind? Enter the grandmother clock.

A grandmother clock is similarly styled clock to the traditional grandfather clock but in a smaller size. This decrease in size allows homeowners to place them in smaller spaces without worrying that it will take over the room. Rather, grandmother clocks – as well as grandfather clocks – can just as easily be a complementing accessory as they can a star attraction in any room.

Introduce Children to Grandfather Clocks


A child’s memory can last a lifetime; especially if that memory involves family or something that was special to the child. Some adults even have memories of being an infant – so impacted were they by a specific moment in their life. And often, even if we are not able to remember in detail a specific event, we can remember a tune, a smell, or an object of being familiar of our past. How many of us have walked into a room and gotten a whiff of something that was so close to our grandmother’s perfume that we are instantly whisked back in time? Or heard a tune on the radio that reminds us of our father and mother dancing at a particular event? The same can be said of objects that may have sat in our family homes.

I have a very particular memory of a piece of art that hung in my grandparents’ apartment in New York City. I was no older than three years old at the time but I can tell you every detail of that painting, where it hung in the room, and even how it made me feel.

Grandfather clocks often have that effect on adults, as they are familiar to them as something special from their childhoods. This is because grandfather clocks have been popular through the generations; you are just as likely to run into them in a home today as you would be in a home forty or even fifty years ago.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many people choose to place a grandfather clock in their home today – so that it can become a memory for their own children or grandchildren. Grandfather clocks can quickly take their place in a home and become an instant memory for kids – an object that reminds them of home and family!

Grandfather Clocks: Not Just Corner Property


Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up with grandfather clocks in our home – or to see them on a regular basis in the homes of friends and family – will likely remember them being displayed in a corner. They certainly are the perfect piece for a corner in any home; especially in those rooms that may be somewhat awkward in design. Grandfather clocks, because of their size and stature, are able to take up a corner spot like they mean it; they have height, bulk, and considerable style and they have found their way into many corners in many homes around the world.

This is not to say, however, that grandfather clocks are not just as appropriate against any wall in any home. In other words, grandfather clocks are more than capable of holding their own as a focal point in a room; no corner spot necessary.

Such is the reason that grandfather clocks are so attractive in an entranceway, in a hallway, in a study or a home office, in a library, in a living room, a family room, and even a dining room. Choosing a grandfather clock should be about choosing a piece that will stand on its own as an independent feature as well as a complement – and elevate – the décor of the home.

Having chosen the grandfather clock of your dreams – traditional, contemporary, and so forth – consider making it a focal point of the home rather than something that only occupies a corner spot.

Grandfather Clocks: Never Out of Style


So much of what passes for décor in the modern world are simply trendy styles that, while they are popular today, will just as quickly be considered passé. Such is the fine line that home decorators must acknowledge when setting out to outfit their home. Unless they have the money to change home design every couple of years it is best to go with something that is more classic in nature; traditional designs are hard pressed to ever go out of style.

To this end, it makes sense to choose more neutral paint tones that are likely to go with a variety of furniture styles, as well as choose classic furniture pieces that will always be in style regardless of the trends that come and go. Instead, the place where trendy style should be infused is in the smaller things; those that can be replaced easily and affordably whenever there is a new style to exhibit.

Beyond furniture, there are certain pieces that are also considered “classic” and able to maintain their integrity regardless of the time period in which they are being used and the trends popular at the time – including grandfather clocks.

Grandfather clocks – because they have been around so long, having first been designed in the late 1600s – are always going to have a classic appeal; which means they can be used in a variety of settings and never go about of style, regardless of the trends that may be displayed around them.

Luckily, grandfather clocks can be purchased through online resources where a variety of styles can be browsed through and purchased directly, courtesy of the Internet.

Mark the Year of a Marriage with a Grandfather Clock


It is summer; wedding season. And now, more than ever, couples everywhere walk down the aisle to pledge their lives to each other. Whether you have a traditional church service and an elaborate reception or a simple gathering on the beach, a wedding serves to forever mark the time in our lives when we pledged ourselves to our spouse; and pictures, video, and other mementos help us remember the day.

Those guests we invite to the wedding will bring gifts to help the new couple begin their new life together. Some are actual gifts – china, candlesticks, and other pieces that will not only serve the couple well in their home but will also allow them the memory of their wedding in the years to come. Of course, wedding guests also often give cash for a wedding gift for the couple to use in whatever capacity they most desire. Sometimes this money is used to pay for essential items that they need for their home; other times it’s used to purchase those pieces that are sentimental in nature. And in rare occurrences there are pieces that can be both.

Grandfather clocks are wonderful pieces that are perfect in nearly any room in the home. From the traditional to the unusual, grandfather clocks are able to brighten a room and instantly elevate the sophistication factor. Better still, for those who have just been married, the purchase of a grandfather clock during this year will forever serve as a memento of this special time and will likely become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation.

Grandfather Clocks Help Spice Up a Plain Room


We all have those plain Jane rooms in our homes; the ones that we just never got around to doing anything to in terms of décor, or those that, for some reason, no matter what we do to them just never seem to amount to much decoratively speaking. Especially during our younger days when money is tight, we are apt to fill the rooms in our home with pieces that we could afford but that perhaps didn’t ultimately reflect our style; or worse, those pieces that were handed down from other people. While hand-me-downs are a great way to furnish a home and save money, you have to take what people are offering even if it is not your style.

Later, as financial times improve and we look for ways to infuse our personality into the rooms in our home, we will undoubtedly look for those pieces that best reflect our style. And for those rooms that are plainer in nature, we may play with color in order to spice things up; or add interesting window treatments, rugs, and accessories that will perhaps serve to bring the style up a notch.

Grandfather clocks are especially helpful in this regard simply because they pack so much style into one piece of furniture. For a modest financial investment homeowners can transform the look of any room easily and completely, simply be placing a grandfather clock in the corner of the room in question.

And unlike that furniture we take from well meaning family and friends, grandfather clocks can absolutely reflect our own personal style; as grandfather clock designs are offered in everything from traditional to contemporary designs.

Don’t Let Discount Go Out the Window with Grandfather Clocks


There are those items that we anticipate will simply always be something of a financial investment; so much so that we often don’t bother to seek out more discount prices, or consider any product that we do find at a discount to be less than quality. Grandfather clocks, for instance, have always been associated with higher end products; those that come at a higher price but are built to last for generations to come.

While it’s true that grandfather clocks are often a bit of a financial investment, the truth is that there are many options when it comes to finding grandfather clocks at discount prices. In fact, the Internet has opened a variety of doors to us in terms of finding products of all kinds at lower prices than we have anticipated paying. Grandfather clocks are no exception.

Through high end, quality online retailers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, those in the market for grandfather clocks in every variety will surely find what it is they seek. The kinds of grandfather clocks that consumers can expect to see in such an online market are those that have been produced by some of the industry’s most well respected manufacturers – such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks.

Additionally, with such a broad selection, these online clock retailers have provided their customers with the ability to pick out grandfather clocks that suit their style and the décor of their home; this means that whether the customer wants a traditional grandfather clock or something more contemporary, they will surely have luck online.

Best of all, with the overhead of a bricks and mortar store stripped away, online retailers are able to offer their customers more deeply discounted prices on the highest quality grandfather clocks.

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