Grandfather clocks

Bring Music Into Our Homes with Grandfather Clocks


Those who love music will go to great lengths to ensure that it is always in their home; pulling from various resources to allow them to always have a song at the ready. This can be done by bringing in a musical instrument such as a piano – or by always having some type of music playing throughout the home through a CD player or radio. There are a great many people who can tell of their childhoods being infused with a particular type of music – everything from big band to jazz music; the music that enriched their childhood experience and carried over into their adulthood with a lifelong love affair with music.

There are those subtle ways in which to use music in the home as well including the placement of a grandfather clock in one of the rooms of the home – a grandfather clock that has been created to play a particular melody as a way to welcome the turning of the hour. In fact, long before many people may remember that there was a grandfather clock in the home of their grandparents or other older relatives they may remember the melody that accompanied that grandfather clock; hearing it somewhere else as an adult may spark a memory and give them a warm, happy feeling.

Today’s grandfather clocks carry on the tradition of infusing a home with song. There are a variety of grandfather clocks from which to choose – available even through online clock retailers – and part of the details that must be decided is whether you wish the grandfather clocks to play a melody and, if so, which one. By choosing grandfather clocks we are choosing sophistication, elegance, and even song.

Grandfather Clocks: For Young & Old


Grandfather clocks often seem to have the reputation of being somewhat antiquated pieces of furniture; those pieces that are reserved for the older generation and are more often than not found in the homes of elderly relatives. The younger generation may fail to make the connection between the grandfather clocks of yesterday and those grandfather clocks of today that encompass more contemporary design principles. But the fact of the matter is that the grandfather clock is just as viable a design choice for the younger generation as it is for the older generation.

Grandfather clocks, in fact, are one of those pieces that have successfully evolved over time – continually being updated to appeal to a younger, more modern audience. Clock design professionals such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks have all made a concerted effort – and have found success in doing so – in making sure their clock designs are reflective of what their buying audience wants at the time, without sacrificing the underlying integrity of the grandfather clock.

This means that the modern consumer can logon on to an online supplier of grandfather clocks and certainly find traditional grandfather clock designs that perhaps fit in more classic older homes – or those homes that are looking to utilize a traditional design; but they can just as easily find more contemporary grandfather clock designs that are reflective of modern design principles and will fit seamlessly into more contemporary homes. Ultimately no matter your age or the design concept of your home, there is a grandfather clock that will surely help you meet your design goals and, more importantly, make you very happy.

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