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For the Love of Grandfather Clocks, Part I


I wonder if there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t just love a grandfather clock. I mean, after all, they have been the quintessential accessory in American homes for generations; they were once looked upon as a kind of status symbol – because they were so expensive for the average household they were reserved for only those wealthy enough to have them. Today they are much more affordable for the average home but they are still somewhat of a status symbol; their regality and sophistication are still looked upon as something reserved for those households that understand quality products.

And so I set about to find the perfect grandfather clock for a friend that was moving into a brand new construction home. She wanted everything to look a certain way; after all, she had chosen every piece – every detail – of her home from scratch as it was being built and she wanted to fill the house with those items that reflected her careful attention to detail. For many years she had considered the grandfather clock to be something that was the height of elegance and sophistication and had her heart set on outfitting her new living room with the most beautiful grandfather clock she could find. I was put in charge of helping her locate the clock that would most meet her desires.

Shopping for grandfather clocks in this day and age is very different than it once was. We are significantly diminished in specialty stores especially if you do not live in a large city where you are accustomed to being able to shop for goods from around the world. We are not; we live in a rather rural part of the country and I wondered where we would be able to go to find a grandfather clock that was going to fit the bill for my very particular friend.

The Internet of course.

In the next post, I’ll share my hunt for a grandfather clock.

Grandfather Clocks Help Combine Style & Comfort


I am not a person who is too fond of the formal living room; I often find it to be a rather cold place in an otherwise warm home. People have reserved their most uptight, formal pieces for a room that almost never welcomes any company; these are rooms that are more often regarded from afar than they are truly enjoyed. I vowed when I moved into my own home that I would forgo the formal living room for a comfortable room that welcomed guests to congregate, talk, read, and otherwise relax; not the traditional offerings of the formal living room. But I figure we only get so much square footage in a home; why waste a good portion on it on something that we will never truly use?

I wanted to make my home livable – comfortable in every way – every inch of it. And so my quest for the informal formal living room was set into motion. First and foremost I filled my living room with comfortable, overstuffed furniture – places where a person could curl up and read. To complete the look, I added comfortable throw pillows and blankets. Then I put up attractive but casual shelving and filled it to the brim with books of all kinds. Now I had more of a library thing going than a pretentious living room where one would sip tea. I was onto something here.

The final piece of the puzzle was a grandfather clock. Let me say that I just love grandfather clocks; I think they are equally regal and warm. But as much as I wanted to put a grandfather clock in my living room I was concerned that it would eradicate my goals for the room – making it a stuffy environment rather than something comfortable.

Luckily I found a website where a variety of grandfather clocks were offered for sale – in contemporary and even casual styles that fit the décor of my living room perfectly. With the perfect grandfather clock in place, I have now finished the comfortable and attractive living room that was my dream.

Grandfather Clocks That I Have Loved


My family has always loved grandfather clocks; I remember quite clearly there being a grandfather clock in every one of my family member’s homes – from my grandparents’ house to my own parents’ house. So a part of my childhood were grandfather clocks, that I could not conceive of starting my own home without having a clock that was all mine.

There are still a variety of grandfather clocks from which to choose – just as there was when my parents chose a grandfather clock to place in their living room. But today’s manufacturers are giving their modern customers more contemporary choices in terms of materials and styles. And the popularity of the Internet has spilled over into the world of clock retailers. There are a host of high-end suppliers that make their clocks available to the modern consumer online where they can browse through the product selection by style, manufacturer, and even price.

That makes shopping for grandfather clocks today easier than ever. So when I was ready to move into my first home I knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of a grandfather clock and exactly where to go to find it. I went online to the supplier that I had found, browsed through the contemporary selections of grandfather clocks (I wanted something that paid homage to the traditional grandfather clock style but still held its own amidst my more modern décor), found the grandfather clock that I wanted at the price that I could afford and purchased it within a matter of moments.

The clock of my dreams was shipped right to my door and now I am honoring family history by having a grandfather clock in my very own home.

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