From July 17, 2008

For the Love of Grandfather Clocks, Part I

I wonder if there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t just love a grandfather clock. I mean, after all, they have been the quintessential accessory in American homes for generations; they were once looked upon as a kind of status symbol – because they were so expensive for the average household they were reserved for …

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Grandfather Clocks Help Combine Style & Comfort

I am not a person who is too fond of the formal living room; I often find it to be a rather cold place in an otherwise warm home. People have reserved their most uptight, formal pieces for a room that almost never welcomes any company; these are rooms that are more often regarded from …

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Grandfather Clocks That I Have Loved

My family has always loved grandfather clocks; I remember quite clearly there being a grandfather clock in every one of my family member’s homes – from my grandparents’ house to my own parents’ house. So a part of my childhood were grandfather clocks, that I could not conceive of starting my own home without having …

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