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New Construction: New Grandfather Clock, Part II


As we discussed in the last post, building and moving into a new construction home can be a wonderfully exciting undertaking. There is the satisfaction of knowing that you have chosen every detail that has gone into the house and that when you move in it will – structurally speaking – be everything that you wanted and asked for with no renovations required.

Design, however, is another story as new construction does require homeowners to put their own special stamp of personality on the home. Working with essentially a blank slate, homeowners are challenged to pull in color, furniture, another other elements that will infuse color and life into the home and make it something that is warm, inviting, and comfortable. As was mentioned previously, it is important not to initially overwhelm the space with all of the design ideas that you have certainly had in your head for this home. Rather, it is wise to choose a few special elements to lay the groundwork for the overall design, giving you some time to live in the home and “get to know it” better.

In this capacity, grandfather clocks are wonderful elements to initially bring into a home – especially a home that is a neutral palette. In terms of really getting bang for your buck, grandfather clocks are able to single-handedly transform a space and make it something truly unique and sophisticated.

Make this choosing of a grandfather clock your first foray into defining the overall style of the home – traditional, classic, contemporary, eclectic; now is the time to decide what you want your home to say in terms of design and what you want it to reflect about you. Grandfather clocks are available in all of these designs and more and can represent the start of many layers to come in terms of style and décor.

New Construction: New Grandfather Clock, Part I


Summer is here and for many people the warmer weather is the perfect time to make a move. And so, moving trucks are loaded, homes are purchased, and off we go to begin the renovation of another home in order to make it our own. For many of us, there is nothing quite as satisfying as taking a home that has all the potential in the world – but is quite lacking in present benefits – and with some paint, furniture, and a lot of elbow grease – turning into something not only different but really special.

For others, the idea of first having to move and then having to spend all that time renovating sounds like just about the worst thing they can think of to do. New construction holds vast appeal for many people like this, as it allows them to customize the home from the very beginning and make it their very own. There is a cost for this convenience but in the end the homeowner has a turnkey house and there is no money that needs to be spent on renovation.

The problem with new construction then becomes filling the space; as new construction homes are generally a blank slate to which we must then add color to match our own decorative taste. Adding the right color, furniture, art, and accessories to this palette can be challenging to say the least. But by choosing some really great color families, some beautiful pieces of furniture, and some really special accessories we can begin the process of making this new house a home. It’s not necessary to go all out right in the beginning as you will certainly need some time to live in the house and really see and feel what it will need. Instead, just choosing some few special items you can begin to set the stage for dramatic décor. Grandfather clocks can be one of the most perfect items to include in this beginning stage of design.

In the next post, we’ll discuss how grandfather clocks can work wonders in new construction homes.

Grandfather Clocks: Classic and Contemporary


Grandfather clocks are those classic pieces that have been around for generations – standing in the hallways, dining rooms, and family rooms of families for decades. The beauty of the grandfather clock has always been in its statuesque design – standing tall and proud as a room’s focal point. Those who purchase grandfather clocks do so with very specific design elements in mind including the color of the wood, the carvings on the hood, and the illustration above the face of the clock.

This classic vision of the grandfather clock is what most of us hold in our mind as the quintessential design element in our homes. But as the years have progressed, the grandfather clock design has kept strict pace with changing trends; the result has been an expansive selection of contemporary grandfather clocks.

This lends a choice to modern consumers that would really love to have a grandfather clock in their home but are concerned that the style will be far too traditional for their more contemporary tastes. But with online suppliers, consumers have access to a range of clock designs manufactured by some of the most recognized names in the industry including Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Kieninger grandfather clocks, and Ridgeway grandfather clocks. These clocks manufacturers, recognizing that they need to meet the demands of varying consumer tastes, create grandfather clocks to suit a variety of styles.

With the help of such suppliers, customers are able to browse through selections online, order the grandfather clocks that will suit their décor and budget, and have the grandfather clock shipped to their door easily and conveniently.

Grandfather Clocks Live Up to Their History


Clocks themselves are one of the first human inventions; an invention that has obviously stood the test of time and since evolved to reflect the changing technology as well as the needs of consumers. Grandfather clocks – one of the variations of this invention – were first created in late 1600s, a product of an English clockmaker’s creation of pendulum technology. The first grandfather clocks were created using painstaking detail and the highest quality materials. These materials – along with the time intensity needed to create the grandfather clock – drove the price; and early grandfather clocks were typically created only for public locations.

When grandfather clocks first came to America, they were still used mostly in public arenas; their use in private homes was limited because of price. In fact, only the wealthiest of Americans could afford to have a grandfather clock in their home.

Today, grandfather clocks are certainly much more affordable. High end manufacturers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger continue to create the high quality grandfather clocks that have earned the industry’s reputation through the generations. But these suppliers use high end materials and create unique pieces that are still affordable for the average American home. Balancing this quality with affordability is the challenge of the modern grandfather clock manufacturer. But by making sure that these spectacular pieces are affordable, clock manufacturers can ensure that the average household has access to these time honored pieces.

Connecting these manufacturers with their customers are high end online suppliers. Such suppliers offer great prices, phenomenal selection and the opportunity for all consumers to have access to the clocks they love.

Grandfather Clocks Set the Stage in Sophisticated Gatherings


Entertaining has always been one of the exciting parts of homeownership; we light candles, set tables, and prepare food and cocktails in the hopes of creating a special gathering that our guests will remember. This is the challenge of every host and a challenge that is met with great joy for those who truly love to entertain.

Of course, a large part of a sophisticated gathering is the décor of the environment in which guests are gathering. Homeowners, therefore, put a lot of attention into their home décor – not only to make themselves and their families as comfortable as possible, but also to create an environment that is warm and welcoming to guests.

To this end, a family room or living room – where guests are likely to congregate – will often receive the most attention from homeowners; outfitting the room with furniture, wall art, and a host of accessories that most reflect their personality and style.

Grandfather clocks were once a special item to have in a home; mostly because the handcraftsmanship associated with creating a grandfather clock resulted in high prices that most average homeowners couldn’t afford. Today, while most of us are able to afford the grandfather clock of our choosing, they are still considered special items to have in a home; those pieces that will likely become family heirlooms that are passed from generation to generation.

But for now, grandfather clocks are able to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that will allow family and friends to gather comfortably.

Grandfather Clocks Perfect for Old Homes


Our homes were often ultimately chosen by us because they reflected our personalities and what we wanted from the house in which we would live and maybe raise a family. This picture is different for everyone; for some, a home is contemporary new construction that has been built according to their precise specifications; for others, a home is an old house that has all the nooks, crannies, and character inherent in something that was built more than fifty years ago.

Taking on ownership of an old home has its challenges for sure, (the magazines and television shows dedicated to such a project are evidence of that challenge) but it can also be enormously rewarding – especially if you are able to return the home to the condition it once enjoyed. Exterior and interior renovations are only a part of this challenge; for owners of old homes, there is also the challenge that comes with filling the home with furniture and accessories that are in line with the time period in which the house was built.

Grandfather clocks are perfect accessories in this respect – as they often graced many homes throughout the generations. It would not be at all out of context to see a grandfather clock in a home of older construction; yet modern grandfather clocks are also able to provide the functionality required in contemporary times.

In fact, there are many online resources where consumers can find the grandfather clock they are looking for – built to resemble antique styles that would fit perfectly in older homes but with modern construction and technology that is built to last.

Grandfather Clocks Help Define Décor


As homeowners we are always looking for ways spice up our décor and provide a finished look that adds to the home overall. Of course, there are those essentials that help us pull it all together and one such element is a grandfather clock – a piece that has long stood in homes through the generations and continues to be a popular fixture even in modern homes.

The modern grandfather clock is able to balance the elegance of yesteryear with the technology of today; a combination that provides those that have taken on the project of decorating a space a versatility that they would not ordinarily have. Grandfather clocks placed in specific rooms can serve particular purposes. A grandfather clock in a dining room can serve as a melodic backdrop for diners and a conversation piece for family and friends that have gathered; a grandfather clock in a living room speaks to the formality often reserved for such a space although the grandfather clocks sold today allow consumers to think outside the box a bit; grandfather clocks in a family room can be more casual in design and can serve the purpose of adding warmth and personality to a room.

There is no set style that is quintessential grandfather clock; at least not in the modern world. Today, grandfather clocks come in all designs – from traditional and contemporary to antique inspired. In decorating a room it is up to the designer to choose the style they want to pursue; a grandfather clock can add enormously to the overall design or actually define the design around which other choices will be made.

Grandfather Clocks and You: Perfect Together


There are those pieces that are absolutely classic in any home, no matter what the style of the home in question. These pieces liven, brighten, and bring a semblance of order to any type of décor. And for this reason, they have often been around for a long period of time – used in homes throughout the centuries in very much the same capacity as they are used today. Such is the case with grandfather clocks – designs that have retained their integrity throughout the generations and are still just as beloved in modern homes as they were in the homes of our grandparents and great grandparents.

There are some homeowners, however, that may consider grandfather clocks to be somewhat outdated and old-fashioned. This could not be further from the truth. Grandfather clocks are one of those rare pieces that have been able to maintain their structural integrity while keeping up with the times in terms of design and technology.

What this means for consumers that are looking to purchase a grandfather clock, but don’t know where to start, is that they are surely going to be able to find grandfather clocks that fit their own modern design needs while still offering the handcrafted authenticity that made grandfather clocks so special in those homes in generations’ past.

Through reputable online clock suppliers, in fact, consumers have access to a variety of grandfather clock designs and styles – everything from traditional with darker woods and more classic carvings and artwork to more modern designs that feature less traditional woods and other materials and a host of different styles; perfect to suit the needs of any homeowner.

Shipping Factory Fresh Grandfather Clocks Overseas by Common Carrier


On shipping a boxed grandfather clock with a freight common carrier, from our experience, the biggest 3 potential problems to prevent are (a) the box-container falling, or (b) pressure-weight being put on-to the box-container from any side, especially above, or (c) the clock not being in an upright position, or on its “back” as a less good secondary alternative (but potential benefits too – see below).

From a positioning standpoint, the best practice in to make certain that the grandfather clocks stands upright during the entire trip, and doesn’t move OR have any pressure applied from any side. If it can’t be shipped standing up, then it can be shipped with the clock’s back facing down (any other than these 2 positions – upright, or on its “back” – would very likely damage the clock). If the clock is on its back, they need to again be careful not to apply weight on top of it or to its side’s, or to let it move around.

For added safety, you-they could always crate it, recognizing that is not inexpensive. They-you might also want to put it on a pallet (using one of 2 positions mentioned above – upright or on its back – ONLY), but that also would add cost.

While 1-800-4CLOCKS is pleased to provide this type of potentially useful advice, PLEASE USE THIS ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  When packing or shipping individual grandfather clocks, there is always some risk.  We welcome feedback and wil gladly add any additional comments that are helpful or constructive.
They should also have experience in this area, as well as the Shipper they use, so we would also make certain to follow their guidelines and rules and suggestions, and to the extent they might conflict, feel free to ask us our opinion so you can decide what’s best.

Feel free to forward this information to your shipping company if you think it would be helpful. Let us know if they do not agree and or have any additional suggestions on how to most safely ship a grandfather clock.

Fill a Room with a Grandfather Clock


Whether you are working with a small room or a large room, the effort to design a room effectively – to make the best use of the space you have been provided – is the challenge for every homeowner. If you include too many pieces in the room it quickly becomes cluttered, include too little and it looks sparse and unfinished; such is the reason that room design is often left to the professionals.

When it comes to appropriately filling a room, however, the introduction of a grandfather clock is a great way to add scale to any sized room. And by including a piece that delivers a significant return on the investment, homeowners will easily feel that they got their money’s worth with a purchase of a grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks have always had the reputation for being high style and the ultimate in elegance. Generations ago, the purchase of a grandfather clock was a very big deal indeed; they were considered luxury items and not every household was able to afford them.

Today, while grandfather clocks are much more affordable for the average homeowner, they still hold the vast appeal that they always did; they are one piece of furniture that is always able to “fill” a room with its presence. The height of a grandfather clock alone is more than enough to add drama and scale to any room regardless of its size. With smaller rooms, a grandfather clock acts as a decorative palette without overwhelming an already tight space with clutter; with larger rooms, a grandfather clock offers a focal point, drawing visitors’ eye and adding boundaries to a room.

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