Grandfather clocks

Telling Time the Classic Way with Grandfather Clocks


Living in this age of technological advancement, we have been privy to a whole host of changes. We get our news online or through the constant updates on our televisions – most of us never so much as glancing at a newspaper throughout the week; we are available for phone calls no matter where we are, thanks of course, to the constant companionship of our cell phones; and we communicate freely – and in mere moments – through the availability of email, our pens barely touching paper in the modern day. Surely these advancements have made things far more convenient for us, but what have we lost in the process? There are times when the old way of going about things – while it may be decidedly slower – is actually quite pleasant.

Timekeeping for instance, while something to which most of us hardly give much thought, is something upon which we rely daily. Of course we can easily tell the time by glancing at our cell phones, our computers, or the myriad digital clocks around every corner. But timekeeping in the classic sense – with a sophisticated grandfather clock – makes the common task of telling time far more traditional and, therefore, inherently unique.

Anyone can have digital clocks in their home. But to have a grandfather clock in the home is to pay homage to a great classic. So honored is the grandfather clock that it continues to be manufactured in modern styles; reputable clockmakers that have long created traditional grandfather clocks continue to create them still – along with more modern versions to fit seamlessly into contemporary homes.

Grandfather Clocks on Which We Can Rely


There are very few products in the modern world on which we can always rely; knowing with confidence that they will be as good (or nearly as good) after ten years of ownership as they were on the very day on which we bought them. Mass manufacturing has changed the integrity of many products and unfortunately the craftsmanship that used to be expected from things that we purchased is largely unavailable these days. But in some particular arenas quality does still exist; so much so that we can expect the products that we purchase today to be functioning for our children and even our children’s children many years from now.

Grandfather clocks, in many cases, are a historical reference for us; a touchstone to a time when hand craftsmanship reigned and products where built to last. Even the regal exterior of the grandfather clock speaks to that time; and we rally to reproduce that tradition in our homes by adopting a beloved grandfather clock; one that can chime in the hour with its familiar melody.

Even today, grandfather clocks are built to last. The quality provided by such grandfather clock greats as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks continue to uphold the tradition of clockmaking. Those who purchase grandfather clocks today can have confidence that their clock will not only provide all that we expect today – but many years into the future.

More than a cherished piece of furniture; more than the music of our childhoods; more than a timekeeping device – grandfather clocks are our family heirlooms of the past and of the future.

Grandfather Clocks: So Many Options


Having a grandfather clock in the home as a child often means that a particular melody remains steadfast in your mind – a melody that carries over into adulthood when you consider making your own grandfather clock purchase so that such a melody can take its place in your own home. That, in a nutshell, is what makes grandfather clocks so unique and so very special; they are more than just clocks by which to tell the time. Grandfather clocks are a shared history for many of us – a touchstone to our own pasts and a way to deliver our own children the comfortable melody of our own childhoods.

But today, there are far more options for grandfather clock styles than there were when we were children. Through dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers have access to some of the most profoundly relevant clockmakers of modern times; clockmakers such as Howard Miller clocks, Ridgeway clocks, and Kieninger clocks – all of which continue to make the high quality grandfather clocks that have sat in our homes for generations. But more than that, such clockmakers are responsible for creating uniquely designed grandfather clocks that suit every modern style.

Some of the styles of grandfather clocks that consumers can expect to find through dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS include:

*Modern/Contemporary: Grandfather clocks are not just for those who prefer traditional designs. Today’s grandfather clocks include contemporary designs with sleek lines and sophisticated styles.

*Traditional: When it comes to grandfather clocks some consumers prefer the traditional etching, artwork, and wood that is synonymous with traditional grandfather clocks.

*Antique Inspired: Wanting antique doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy antique. There are many antique inspired designs that successfully rival the real thing.

Unusual Grandfather Clocks


There are plenty of us out there with a penchant for the unusual. Traditional designs and customary furnishings do nothing for us in terms of style; instead we turn to more unique methods for making our home our own. For some, this may mean the use of what may be considered an unusual palette of color for other homeowners; for others it may mean the seeking out of unusual or antique furnishings – those pieces that you cannot just arbitrarily purchase in the corner chain furniture store.

While a grandfather clock may seem counterintuitive to the desire for the unique, the truth is that modern designs of grandfather clocks are lending themselves more and more to the unusual. Those in the market for a grandfather clock can visit a supplier such as 1-800-4CLOCKS and find a host of different styles from which to choose. While there is always the option of choosing a traditional grandfather clock design – or even one that is antique inspired – there is also always the option to choose from among the more unusual grandfather clock designs.

Some ideas when it comes to unusual grandfather clock designs include:

*Non-traditional designs. Not every modern grandfather clock is designed with the traditional pendulum casing and hood. Some of the more unique designs include grandfather clocks that are created to resemble street lights, clock towers, and some that are shaped quite differently than their traditional counterparts.

*Non-traditional materials. Some of the more modern grandfather clock designs include materials such as lacquer, ironstone, wrought iron, stone, copper and other metals.

*Non-traditional inclusion. While traditional grandfather clocks generally include artwork and etchings some of the more modern variations include such unusual elements as water features, lighting, and the like.

Grandfather Clocks for Young Families


Many of us may have seen grandfather clocks throughout our childhood – sitting in the corner of our own family home or in the homes of some of our older relatives. The stateliness and regality of the grandfather clock also mean that it is associated with a more formal – and therefore older – generation. But the truth is that grandfather clocks can work quite nicely in the home of any generation – old or young.

Not many products have kept pace with the times – so to speak – as well as clocks. Reputable and masterful clock designers have made it their place to appeal to people in all generations and they have been quite successful on this front. Clock designers such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks – all masters at creating stunning grandfather clock designs – have been able to design modern grandfather clocks that appeal to those with a more contemporary view of home décor.

Subsequently, younger families that are just moving into their first home or are just starting their families may be looking for design elements to bring into the home. Grandfather clocks can be quite effective on this front – as they bring the traditional elegance of yesteryear and pair them with more modern designs that appeal to younger buyers.

Consumers can find everything from traditional grandfather clock designs to more contemporary grandfather clock designs and everything in between. The grandfather clock industry has made a commitment to providing an array of designs that work well in a variety of homes – from more formal traditional homes to younger homes with a more modern and unique décor.

Bring Back Traditional Elegance with Grandfather Clocks


With the advancement of technology and all of the things available to us in modern times, many traditional practices have simply gone by the wayside – replaced by the newer, faster methods. Time telling through the use of clocks – one of the oldest human inventions – has a much different face than in years’ past. Today we largely get our time updates through our computers or our cell phones which are never far from reach. But there is something to be said for tradition – the elegance of the tried and true. And when it comes to telling time in a traditional way, nothing is more elegant than a grandfather clock.

We could have cell phones and computers in every corner of our home and they would never – could never – equal the distinct grace of a grandfather clock. For generations, grandfather clocks have made their homes in our home – tucked in a corner where they chime in the hour or welcoming visitors in an entranceway with regal height. Grandfather clocks used to be the prized possession of many a home and so they were passed from generation to generation in families – a high quality heirloom that boasted superior craftsmanship.

While technology has replaced many traditional things in today’s world, it can never replace craftsmanship on this level. Sometimes the old can become new again. In the case of timeless classics such as grandfather clocks, elegance of this kind never goes out of style. The grandfather clock can brighten and finish a room and stay with a family for generations – a tradition that they will continue to celebrate for many years to come.

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