Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clocks Slow Time


We live in a modern world of constant movement. Between the Internet and cell phones most of us are hardly inaccessible for more than five minutes at a time. And in response to this environment that is “always on,” deadlines are shortened, meetings are held by videoconferencing within a matter of moments, and emails are expected to be responded to day or night.

In this world of continual flow, it’s nice to come across those items of yesteryear that remind us of a slower time – when we were able to relax and take it all in rather than rushing on to the next event. Grandfather clocks embody this slower generation; a grand, majestic testimony to a gentler time. And so it’s no wonder that so many people – most armed with a memory of a grandfather clock from their childhoods – choose to put a grandfather clock of their own in their own home.

Grandfather clocks are most notably distinguished by their grand height – six feet and over – and their pendulum technology housed behind glass doors. But what appeals to people’s hearts is the spirit of the grandfather clock – its carved hood, intricate artwork, melodic song, and regal stature; denoting a time when things were made with loving care and handcrafted workmanship.

Having a grandfather clock will not slow the passing of time. But will surely remind us to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Grandfather Clocks Make Sense of a Room


Have you ever been in one of those rooms in a home that just doesn’t seem to work? Irregular measurements, poor design, and ill defined spaces result in a room with little cohesiveness and the feeling that it was thrown together. When you are the owner of such a room you may find yourself trying every paint color, every furniture arrangement, and every design trick of the trade to add some definition to the space – but often to no avail. What many people find works quite well in such a situation – believe it or not – is the addition of a grandfather clock.

Oftentimes an awkward room is in desperate need of nothing more than a focal point; a piece on which the eye can settle when entering the space and around which all other arrangements – color, furniture, and otherwise – are made. A grandfather clock has great height working to its advantage; this height can be used to help define the space and create a focal point around which all else can follow.

Grandfather clocks have long been welcomed into homes; filling the quiet corners of offices and libraries for generations, marking the entrance of visitors in a grand foyer, and setting the tone in some of the most elegant of rooms. But even in those rooms that are far from being defined as elegant, grandfather clocks are able to pull a room together with dynamic style – setting the tone of the décor to follow and drawing the eye to its great height and design.

Grandfather Clocks for a Unique Inheritance


There are those things within families that are often lovingly handed down one generation to the next; cherished items that are passed down with great care. Grandfather clocks – those pieces that have often taken up residence in the homes of families for centuries – are often items that are handed down as family keepsakes. For those families that have not had the elegance of a grandfather clock in their midst, but would love to begin the tradition, there’s no greater time like the present.

Modern clock dealers offer a large variety of grandfather clock designs; everything from contemporary to traditional designs and everything in between. For those embarking on their first purchase of a grandfather clock it helps greatly to work with a knowledgeable and experienced vendor that knows the clockmaking industry and offers clocks made by high-end manufacturers that have a commitment to quality.

Suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS take their role between consumers and clockmaker very seriously. They strive to connect those who are in search of their first grandfather clock family heirloom with clocks made by such renowned clockmakers as Howard Miller clocks and Kieninger clocks.

Grandfather clocks have a unique personality all their own – each one is different, defined by the overall style and the clockmaker’s attention to detail. Prospective buyers will do well to work with clock suppliers with a reputation in the industry for providing high quality products at affordable prices. Before they know it they will be in possession of the next piece of their family history – a unique heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Top Names of Grandfather Clocks


Brand names are something which we normally assign to such things as clothes, furniture, and even cookware; such names typically denote a certain level of quality that consumers have come to expect. Believe it or not, the power of brand name also extends to such purchases as grandfather clocks – grand pieces that are already synonymous with quality; but in the clock making industry there those designers that are especially associated with high quality grandfather clocks.

Clockmakers such as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks are all highly reputable names in an industry that already sets a high bar for quality products. Those in search of a grandfather clock through online suppliers should look for those companies that offer access to such renowned brands at affordable prices.

Suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS offer their customers the ability to shop for grandfather clocks of all styles and designs. Traditional grandfather clocks, contemporary grandfather clocks, even those that are antique inspired or include the use of unusual materials – grandfather clocks of all varieties can be found through such suppliers.

Better still, consumers who are looking for a grandfather clock that will stand the test of time and remain in their family for generations can look to the tried and true clockmakers of the modern world through suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS. Grandfather clocks purchased with these brand names carry with them an assurance of quality and longevity they are not likely to find anywhere else. A high quality grandfather clock can last a lifetime; find your grandfather clock with ease and convenience through online clock suppliers.

Grandfather Clocks Add Sophistication


Sometimes even the smallest packages pack the biggest punch. Grandfather clocks, while not considered small by any means, are certainly a small piece of the overall design puzzle in a home. We often look to the larger elements to set the tone in a home – paint, flooring, artwork, and, of course, furniture. But sometimes with just the addition of a grandfather clock home décor can be solidified and certainly more cohesive.

Grandfather clocks have sat in our homes for generations – drawing our families in with melody and standing sentry in rooms of all kinds – entranceways and libraries to studies and family rooms. No matter where a grandfather clock is placed in the home it instantly becomes a focal point, offering residents of the home – as well as visitors – a warm and welcoming song and a touchstone to the past.

More than anything, grandfather clocks are able to infuse a room with elegance and sophistication, no matter what other design elements are happening in the room. Luckily such sophistication is easy to come by, especially with the powers of the Internet at our disposal. Through vast online resources such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers can find a variety of grandfather clock styles from which to choose – everything from traditional to contemporary grandfather clocks are now available online.

But no matter what style grandfather clock is chosen, consumers can know without a doubt that the clock itself will do much to awaken a room and add a sophisticated feeling to the home in general.

Grandfather Clocks Can be Shared by Families


There are many things around which families gather – not the least of which are their traditions. But traditions do not always have to be events; they can also be things. Grandfather clocks are often associated with traditional family pieces; in fact, many grandfather clocks are handed down throughout generations of families – a touchstone to a time gone by. For those who grew up with a grandfather clock in their family they may very well have seen one standing sentry in their grandparents’ home or in the home of their parents or older family members.

Having grown up with a grandfather clock, homeowners may look to replicate their childhood home by including pieces of furniture in their own décor that mean the most to them. A grandfather clock can certainly be taken from an older family member who wishes to hand a family heirloom down to the next generation. But it is also not necessary to wait for a family member to give or bequeath an existing grandfather clock to them; instead, they can find a modern version of a grandfather clock that they once loved through suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Reputable clock suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS offer consumers options when it comes to finding clocks that will work in their home. No longer is it necessary to visit high-end specialty stores in search of the perfect clock; neither is it necessary to resort to cheaply made clocks often found in large discount home supply stores. Rather, consumers can find affordable, well made grandfather clocks through suppliers that carry products made by renowned clockmakers such as Howard Hill grandfather clocks and Kieninger grandfather clocks.

Grandfather Clocks Make a House a Home


There are a variety of ways in which all of us go about making our house a home. From furniture and paint to decorative items and flooring, we put our stamp on our home’s décor – giving it a personality all its own. One of the ways in which we can do this is through the use of cherished items that have meaning to us – antique possessions that were once in the home of our loved ones, as well as newer items that mark the beginning of a family heirloom that will eventually be passed from generation to generation.

Such is the case with grandfather clocks – those cherished pieces that can often be found in family homes and are passed down from family member to family member. Grandfather clocks have long been used as functional and decorative pieces in homes around the world. And for good reason – grandfather clocks are more than ways to tell time; they are used as a way to make an otherwise plain room much more comfortable and personable.

Today, consumers interested in finding a grandfather clock that works with the décor of their home can simply logon to a reputable supplier website such as 1-800-4CLOCKS to find what they need. Through these websites consumers can find:

*Traditional grandfather clocks. Such designs typically feature medium to darker woods, intricately carved hoods, and elaborate artwork.

*Contemporary grandfather clocks. Not to be outpaced by their traditional counterparts, contemporary grandfather clocks offer sleeker lines, lighter woods and the use of other materials such as stone and wrought iron.

*Unique grandfather clocks. Just because it’s a grandfather clock doesn’t mean it has to be the traditional wood with the glass door and carved hood. There are many grandfather clocks that feature interesting and certainly unusual designs – perfect for those who want to add their own style to their home and still have the traditional comfort of a grandfather clock.

Grandfather Clocks Add Personality to Smaller Rooms


Small rooms are often slighted in terms of décor; homeowners feel on some level that they cannot give the same attention to smaller spaces that they would to larger rooms. The truth is, however, that smaller rooms warrant just as much attention – if not more so – than their larger counterparts; simply because even the smallest of additions can have the largest impact on the overall design.

But even in the attention to the smaller of our rooms we tend – as is a seemingly natural course of action – to shy away from larger pieces of furniture thinking that they will easily overwhelm the space. However, it is the prudent choice of larger pieces – rather than the haphazard filling of the room with larger pieces – that can give a smaller room a robust personality. To this end, many savvy homeowners choose to infuse their smaller rooms with the grand presence of a grandfather clock – a piece that may – at quick appraisal – seem counterintuitive to doing well by the space.

Grandfather clocks, however, can add height – rather than bulk – to a small room, raising the ceiling and successfully anchoring the room. More than that, a grandfather clock – as one of the carefully chosen pieces for a small room – can add enormous drama and elegance to a room. And with the musical announcement of the passing of time, grandfather clocks can infuse a room – and a home – with melody to be enjoyed by family, friends, and visitors alike.

By choosing a decoratively appropriate – and more importantly, well loved – grandfather clock a small room can be utterly transformed in ways the homeowner may never have envisioned.

Grandfather Clocks in an Office


Generally when we think of the décor of an office environment we are given to images of staid textiles, commercial carpeting, and utilitarian furnishings. This may be the décor assigned to those offices in corporate America, but certainly not to the offices that a great many of us now have in our homes. In fact, a great many people – in this age of the Internet – work from their home offices exclusively. Subsequently, the face of the modern office is very different indeed from the fundamental images that we have previously held – and require to be outfitted justly.

To this end, many people approach their home offices as an extension of their home’s décor. The use of furnishing, tapestries, and similar components used throughout the home at large are extended to the home office as well, with, of course, the addition of such furnishings and accessories befitting a room used for business purposes.

While many people think of the grandfather clock as something that is reserved for formal living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers of grand homes, the fact is that the applications of this clock are far more extensive than some may envision.

Grandfather clocks can easily be the perfect accoutrement in a home office – a grand, stately, and sophisticated addition to such a room. Standing within an office, a grandfather clock can foster the appearance of a traditional library while also giving the room – which, after all, is within the confines of a home – a warm, welcoming, and melodic manner.

Grandfather Clocks: Not Just for Grandfathers


There are some products that just seem synonymous with the past – irrevocably connected to years’ gone by. Such is often the case with grandfather clocks – traditional timekeeping pieces that have been a staple in many a home over the years. In fact, there are certainly quite a few of us who have had a grandfather clock in our family for many years – standing in the corner of our grandparents’ home, keeping time in the home of older relatives, and perhaps even making its way to our own homes.

But grandfather clocks are far from old-fashioned; rather, they are modern versions of classic timekeeping. Modern clockmakers create and build grandfather clocks that can just as easily fit into a home that was just constructed as it could in an older home that has been in existence for decades.

Today, homeowners are finding that grandfather clocks are able to fit quite nicely into their décor – and into any of the rooms in their homes. Some of the modern uses for grandfather clocks include:

*In the entranceway where it can welcome visitors with its stately elegance in a grand foyer.

*In a formal room such as a study, living room, or library where a grandfather clock fits seamlessly into the surroundings.

*In a more casual setting where grandfather clocks of more contemporary design can breathe new life into a traditional décor.

Today, grandfather clocks are more than just the conventional designs we remember. With a host of woods and other materials – as well as complex artwork and carvings – grandfather clocks can suit any taste and budget.

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