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Grandfather Clocks from Christmas to New Years Eve Celebrations


A fascinating trend in time that 1-800-4CLOCKS had not observed before is the role that grandfather clocks, many frequently just given as Christmas presents, as well as ones that have been around decorating the home for years, are used as a centerpiece on New Years Eve.

At the same time that many have their televisions tuned in to watch the ball come down in Times Square, some of those same people, and many others, use or also include their own grandfather clock as a or the major time marker for counting down the hours and bringing in the New Year.

No single brand seems to lend itself more than any other toward ringing in the New Year, whether Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, or Kieninger Grandfather Clocks. The only specific related trend we have observed is to also have an atomic clock to bring in the New Year with near-perfect timing accuracy.

Any special plans for a New Years party seated around a grandfather clock nearing midnight? Write us with any stories you think may be worth sharing!

And Happy New Year and a Healthy and prosperous 2008 to anyone who is reading this post.

Ideal Features for Grandfather Clocks – We Want to Hear from You!


The last post in this blog addressed many of the newer features in high-end grandfather clocks, such as auto night shut-off, the introduction of more chimes, and lit dials.  See the post just below for more on this.

We are very interested in any feedback that our readers may choose to either post or email to us, as to what other new features might make for either better grandfather clocks choices and shopping, or make you and people you know more likely to buy a grandfather clock.

Some examples of features we have thought about and heard include:

1. Atomic Grandfather Clocks, using Atomic Clock Radio Controlled technology, for most accurate keeping of time

2. Ability to make mechanical chimes louder and softer.

3. Ability to order a specific clock with the chime or combination of chimes of your choice.

4. Ability to record your own personalized chime.

5. Choice of “same” model but in different wood choices, such as cherry, oak, maple for otherwise same models.

6. Choice of same grandfather clock model and choice of coordinating color of pendulum, weights, bezel, and even cable wiring for cable driven grandfather clocks – such as in nickel or chrome instead of brass.

7. Importance of price in your purchasing decision.  If drastically lower prices are offered for grandfather clocks, would more of the same types of grandfather clock shoppers be open to purchasing them even if they were not branded with the clock brands they know most well.

Feedback on these points would be valuable to everyone in the industry, shoppers and manufacturers and retailers alike.  Please share your thoughts when you have the time.

Grandfather Clocks Newest Features Warrant Time to Look Again


How long has it been since you have been shopping for a grandfather clock, or even seriously thinking about the many choices available to a grandfather clocks shopper.

Choices and features for buyers of grandfather clocks are increasing all the time, and there is every reason to expect this trend to continue. Here are just some of the features that have either been introduced only in the last few years or are finally gaining in popularity:

1. Automatic night shut-off.

2. Increased choice of chimes, including Westminster, Whittington, St. Michaels, Ave Maria, Ode to Joy and Bim Bam Chimes.

3. Automatic winding mechanical clocks – benefits of a mechanical movement but one never has to wind it.

4. Illuminated dials.

5. Lit insides of the center of the grandfather clock

6. Much more of a selection of less expensive quartz or battery operated grandfather clocks.

7. More of a selection of smaller or shorter grandfather clocks, also known as grandmother clocks, with more designs which act as great home decor accent pieces.

8. Much more of a stark contrast between the mass market cheaply made imports from China and other countries, along with generally decreasing prices for even the nicest clocks as domestic makers feel both price pressure and take advantages of sources for lower cost components.

While clocks might appear to be a somewhat staid market, the same pressures for technological innovation, international competition, and price pressures are at work in this market. The grandfather clock market is changing all the time.

Presidential Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Clock Company Worth a Special Look


With Election season really beginning to heat up, it would appear to be a good time to highlight the AMAZING line of Howard Miller Presidential Series Grandfather Clocks.  These Clocks, such as the Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock pictured below, are generally grander and more ornate than most of the other collections by Howard Miller.  Also especially worthy of note and time looking into is the Howard Miller Ambassador Collection of Grandfather Clocks.  Finally, the Limited Edition Howard Miller Clocks are a site to behold as well, some of which cut across these other of these categories.

The five grandfather clock chimes, including Westminster Chimes, Whittington, Saint Michael’s, Shubert’s Ave Maria and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy are now ALL (finally) available on the 1-800-4CLOCKS website for the clocks that play them.

While looking at Howard Miller, there are many other fine makers to explore as well, including Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clock Collection, Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Series, and Bulova Grandfather Clocks.

Look at and enjoy these great timepieces which make absolutely wonderful heirloom gifts which will last for many generations.

Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock Presidential Series

Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock from Presidential Series Model Number 611-066

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