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Grandfather Clocks Make a Great Christmas or New Years Gift


More and more often 1-800-4CLOCKS is seeing customers purchasing grandfather clocks as heirloom gifts, being given by parents to children, grown children to parents, between spouses, with many as surprises for Christmas or Hanukkah, special birthdays, and as gifts for retirement.

Shoppers are noting that the choices of grandfather clocks are widening, with more quartz grandfather clocks joining the line-up of chain driven grandfather clocks, and even waterfall grandfather clocks joining an increasing selection tubular chime grandfather clock selection.  More brands, including the Bulova Grandfather Clock collection, the Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, and the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock assortment.  Hermle Grandfather Clocks also remain an outstanding alternative.

Features such as lit dials, lighted cabinets, auto night shut-off, volume control, more chimes choices, and more styles, among many other features like tubular chimes, make clock shopping  knowledge and homework more important than ever.  We hope this blog helps in this regard.

Among increasing grandfather clock choices, bargain shoppers and discount hunters are all the time looking for the best deals.  Consumers are fortunate to have more choices than ever to give as gifts now and then to pass from generation to generation.

These are Not your Parents or Grandparents Grandfather Clocks


When comparing the thousands of choices of new grandfather clocks available, it is well worth contemplating how today’s clock time offerings offer a much wider variety of Grandfather Clocks, including Contemporary Clocks designs, Furniture Trend Designs, Mission Style Grandfather Clocks, and even the recently  introduced Waterfall Grandfather Clocks.

To be sure, one can find a grandfather clock that is likely to be very similar to the clocks owned by your ancestors, or by the friends or relatives of houses nearby that you got your first real experience with a grandfather clock.

A new day has dawned in clock design, and now it is reasonable to say there is almost something for everyone (whether it is affordable or not for some-many-most is still open to question).  New designs include chrome and silver plated nickel. Non-traditional shapes and sizes, many of which are true feats of design, offer a smorgasborg of options from which to choose.

Grandmother Clocks have also experienced a renaissance, with many many more styles available from which to choose.

And the chimes ….. Most grandfather clocks used to be only time and strike, with Many Westminster Chime clock chimes as well being out there.  Nowadays, clock chime choices include but are not limited to the  Westminster Chimes, Whittington Chimes, St Michaels Chimes, the Schubert Ave Maria Chimes, and Beethoven’s famous Ode to Joy.  Listen and be amazed!

Howard Miller Oasis Fountain Water Grandfather Clock Mod 615-052      Howard Miller Model 615-052 Oasis Water Fountain Clock

Hear The Newest Grandfather Clocks Chimes, Ave Maria and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy


1-800-4CLOCKS is about to place on its e-commerce Store – for website users listening pleasure and informed shopping experience – the 2 additional Grandfather Clocks Chimes including Schubert’s Ave Maria and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. These Grandfather Clock chimes strike hourly and play the full chime. These join the amazing recordings 1-800-4CLOCKS added a few months ago to enable hearing of the Westminster, Whittington, and Saint Michaels Chimes.

Grandfather Clocks play these chimes hourly, and dependably on time!

They should be available within the next 2-4 days at the subcategory page which acts s an entrance for all the grandfather clocks offered by Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, and Kieninger Grandfather Clocks.

Beethoven and his Ode to Joy Crecendo Melody Grandfather Clocks Chime


Schuberts Ave Maria Crescendo Grandfather Clocks Chime


A Grandfather Clock Makes a Great Holiday or Special Occasion Gift


On of the most heartwarming trends observed seems to be giving the gift of a grandfather clock on occasions like weddings, special anniversaries, milestone birthdays, retirement gifts (more and more common), and even a gift to oneself in a new point in life or for a new home. Bridal registry requests for grandfather clocks is something we see more and more of as well.

Many people view the grandfather clock as the Heartbeat of the Home, as Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks puts it.  A grandfather clock gift definitely symbolizes a coming of age of a certain type. Thousands of times we have heard of adults talking about their memories of grandfather clocks when they were children, even when the clock was not in their own home, but rather that of a friend, or a grandparent. Grandfather Clocks seem to have an almost hypnotic effect on children, and one which they almost always remember very fondly.

Grandfather Clocks make great heirlooms, to be passed over time from generation to generations. This gift of time is one of the major motivating factors when higher end grandfather clocks are given as presents. Many parents see a gift of a grandfather clock as a tangible something that can be passed to their grandchildren and beyond. Some of our best customers are individuals who are buying grandfather clocks for all of their children when they each reach a certain point in life.

With Christmas and the Holiday Season approaching, many people look to quality grandfather clocks as one of the gifts of a lifetime. In our experience, rarely is a gift more appreciated and actually used and enjoyed for such a long period of time! Gift the gift of time, and Add Time To Your Life®.

Ridgeway Beverly Hills Grandfather Clock R2551
Ridgeway Beverly Hills Grandfather Clock – Model R2511

Grandfather Clocks and Daylight Savings Time – A Change in Times


Whether you are planning for your home grandfather clock, wall clocks, mantel clocks, or even atomic clocks, you may or may not be aware of the changes afoot this year as to when we return to Daylight Savings Time. After President George W Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, it was planned that 2007 would be the year that Daylight Savings Time would be effective with clocks moving back one hour the first Sunday in November (vs. week earlier in prior years), which is November 4. Daylight savings time in the Spring now moves forward an hour on the second Sunday in March. The 2 am local time change remains the same.

The stated goals of the energy policy is to increase energy savings and increase workplace productivity. Some more cynical analysts have theorized that this change is simply a rouse by the powerful Candy Lobbying Industry to sell more Halloween Candy (we are remaining neutral on that point :) ).

Not every USA State is adopting the new law, though 48 are, Only Arizona and Hawaii are leaving their clocks alone.

There is no doubt that some confusion took place last weekend, when people’s habits and/or systems were still operating under the old time rules. Even this week software companies are sending out patches to help make the transition this weekend be a smooth one.

One great Safety Tip – every time the clocks are changed back and forth for Daylight Savings Time is an excellent opportunity to ALSO change the batteries in your Home and Office Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector. Better safe than sorry! This life-saving tip has been brought to you by 1-800-4CLOCKS.

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