From August 2007

Grandfather Clocks Names – Tallcase Clock, Longcase Clock, and more

Grandfather clocks are known by other clock names, particularly in Western Europe where they originated. Most people in the United Kingdom refer to grandfather clocks as Tall Case (or sometimes Tallcase) Clocks or Long Case (or sometimes Longcase) Clocks. Other grandfather clock names that are sometimes used that are more or less synonomous with grandfather …

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Grandfather Clock Factory Direct Can Make a Difference

Grandfather Clock and “Factory Direct” (frequently in conjunction with discounts) are two phrases frequently heard or read in the same sentence. But why would or should a clocks shopper care about whether a grandfather clock is shipped directly from the factory warehouse vs. being shipped from an individual retailer’s stock? Grandfather Clocks direct from the …

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Types of Grandfather Clocks Tops – Swans Neck, Bonnet, Flat or Round Styles

Many buyers of grandfather clocks, whether looking for grandfather clocks discounts, sales, or those for whom money is no object, ask about what the basic styles and choices are for the top part of any grandfather clocks. In our experience, and whether one is talking about antique grandfather clocks or the vintage or new floor …

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