Grandfather clocks

Grandfather Clock Movements


Grandfather Clocks, such as those offered in mechanical (vs. quartz) Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, and Bulova Grandfather Clocks ALL currently use movements and built-in chimes made by either the Hermle Clock Company or the Kieninger Clock Company in their mechanical clocks. Hermle and Kieninger and currently the 2 remaining high-end mechanical movement manufacturers of any real volume, both based in Germany, left in the world today (there are still some very high-end grandfather clock movements and grandfather clock parts made by small independent makers, mostly in the United Kingdom – and true to the way antique grandfather clocks were made) . [More and more grandfather clock parts are being made and copied in other parts of the world, especially in Asia and also more and more in China in particular]. In the years ahead, the makers of clock works and clock parts are likely to continue to expand and offer ever more options to consumers whether they are buying a mantel clock, a wall clock, or a grandfather clock. The rapid pace of change in the dynamics of the history of clocks and the increasing ways of telling time is likely to accelerate in the coming years and are likely to bring more choices in clock movements, including those used in grandfather clock kits, in the years ahead.

Howard Miller J H II Grandfather Clock with Kieninger MovementHoward Miller J H Miller II Grandfather Clock Model 611-031 with Mechanical Kieninger Movement with Tubular Chimes and in Limited Edition

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