Grandfather clocks

Kieninger And Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks


Kieninger grandfather clocks are something special no matter how you look at it, but the Cabriolet clock is really something else. You will find a brass finish with crystal and halogen lighting. It’s a very cool, crisp clock. And it is, of course, see-through. Ridgeway grandfather clocks are nothing to sneeze at either. They have a tapering curio clock that looks as though it belongs in the house of an artist.

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

Discount Grandfather Clocks From Dozens Of Clock Makers


At, you can find some of the best discount grandfather clocks imagineable. The beautiful Urban Floor II piece is a $3,035 value on sale for $2,124, which is nearly a thousand dollar savings. The Le Francais piece is a $4,925 clock on sale for only $3,447.50. And these pieces are from only one manufacturer. There are deals from tons of manufacturers at, and even plenty of grandmother clocks to choose from as well.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks Made Out Of Lego?


If you want a grandfather clock made out of Legos, then visit You will find a detailed account of how Eric Harshbarger built his (somewhat) running timepiece, including the mechanism that makes it (somewhat) run, and the various mechanisms he has tried on his way to discovering this one. If, however, you prefer grandfather clocks made out of things like wood, with more reliable timekeeping abilities, then visit

Discount Grandfather Clocks: Contemporary ToTraditional


Shopping for traditional grandfather clocks can be affordable. In fact, shopping for anything you like can fit within your budget. You just have to know where to look. At 1-800-4Clocks, you can shop for discount grandfather clocks of any type. When you find discounts in this arena, you are probably saving a thousand dollars for one of the less-expensive clocks – thousands if you are shopping for one of the more expensive ones.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks And Grandmother Clocks


Depending on the source, the jury is sometimes out on just what the difference is between a grandfather clock and a grandmother clock. For the most part, one is smaller than the other, but there is an overlapping range in there which makes some clocks either/or, depending on which criteria you use. I have read that a grandmother is a clock that is 6 feet, 3 inches tall or less. Others say that, she has to be a specific type of clock. And then there are grandaughters to further complicate things. What fun.

Grandmother Clock

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks are by their nature beautiful. They are large and shapely with booming, musical voices, a true testament to time. Usually, when people think of new ways to do things, they think of more efficient, much less beautiful ways. This isn’t the case where contemporary grandfather clocks are concerned. The manufacturers have simply discovered new ways of making truly beautiful pieces, using new materials and different colors, not to mention inventive, highly artistic designs.

Contemporary Grandfather Clock

Traditional Grandfather Clocks


Of course, if your taste in grandfather clocks runs toward the old styles, you can find plenty of those. And they don’t all look alike, though plenty of people think that is the case. Take Howard Miller clocks, for instance. The Clayton model is very different from the Reigel. It has a classic vine pattern and elaborate corner spandrels. The Reigel has an elegant swan neck pediment and reeded columns.

Traditional Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Hermle Grandfather Clock For Your Dining Room


One of the nicest timepieces you can ever find is a Hermle grandfather clock. They have very familiar-looking models as well, but they also have a very eye-catching one as well with a rounded top and very shapely middle, which suggests the shape of a musical instrument. But perhaps a Kieninger grandfather clock will be more to your liking. Truthfully, the manufacturers represented here make such beautiful pieces that you could choose one at random and be assured of finding the most stunning thing you had ever laid eyes on.

Hermle Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock/Discount Grandfather Clocks


Sure, a grandfather clock is a grand piece of furniture. It is an heirloom in the making, whether it’s an old piece or a new. But just because this timepiece is destined to become a member of the family doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg. Check out the discount grandfather clocks at 1-800-4Clocks. You can even fill in a form and get their help picking out one, with your budget in mind.

Triple Chime Grandfather Clock

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