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Grandfather Clocks By Howard Miller


Howard Miller is a great manufacturer for people who really like the traditional look. These grandfather clocks aren’t particularly ornate, at least not usually, but they are very sturdy-looking. Very masculine. Of course, there is some choice in particular models, with respect to different looks, but you can always recognize one of these pieces simply by how strong it looks. These are not dainty pieces.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

The Ridgeway Grandfather Clock For That Essential Feel


One of the most beautiful of the contemporary grandfather clocks is the Ivey model. To the layman’s eye it may resemble a large, ancient bird cage, with its hand-sculptured leaf-and-vine body. The fascia dial is made of sandstone. It can play a basic tone on the hour, or the Westminster chime, plus it has a volume control and a night silence option. See? Contemporary can be a good thing. This is a Ridgeway grandfather clock.

Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

Contemporary And Traditional Grandfather Clocks


People who really and truly prefer the traditional grandfather clocks just cannot be satisfied by any other type. There is some deep-seated association there that cause these beautiful timepieces to just make them feel good. That’s understandable. But if you have never seen a large array of contemporary grandfather clocks, then you should really check them out. Many of them look as though they might be antiques.

Grandfather Clocks

Old Fashioned And Contemporary Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks are wonderful pieces for creating a certain look and feel in a room. Their stately appearance and reliable chiming can lend a certain air of comfort to any home. However, they are quite large. If there is something about the dimensions of your favorite room that make it seem just a tad too small for such a wonderful piece, then perhaps you should turn your thoughts toward grandmother clocks, which are ever so slightly smaller.

Kieninger Grandmother Clock

Grandfather Clocks And Grandmother Clocks Available


1-800-4Clocks is a great place to browse when you are desperately in need of feasting your eyes on beautiful things. It is one of those sites that you can stay for hours on end looking at one item after another. These timepieces are true works of art. And they don’t just have grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks. They have all kinds of clocks, and every one of them simply beautiful.

Ridgeway Grandmother Clock

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock The Standard


The Howard Miller grandfather clock is usually a very traditional looking timepiece, but you can also find other types as well, like the contemporary model. Instead of the ornate wood carving on top, this one has a clean, round shape. Hermle grandfather clocks are also very elegant pieces. You can see this tendency especially in the more traditional models, although the more contemporary models are also something to see.

New Grandfather Clocks And Antique Grandfather Clocks


What is it about the lure of antique grandfather clocks? Maybe it’s the fact that they appear in so many old Christmas specials that we just associate them with cozy memories of childhood. Maybe there is a beloved older person like a grandparent that had a cherished piece. Whatever our reason for loving them, it is nice to know that we can find something that we like at 1-800-4Clocks, whether that may be new grandfather clocks or one of the old-timers.

Antique Grandfather Clock

Buy A Timeless Grandfather Clock


There’s something about a grandfather clock that is timeless. You don’t have to worry about it going in and out of style. It can be a heirloom-qualiy item that will stand the test of time. It’s a decorative item that you can use to decorate your home for years, even decades. At, we can help you pick the right clock for your home, whether it’s antique grandfather clocks or traditional grandfather clocks. We make buying a grandfather clock easy, with trained experts who will help you select your clock and set it up in your home for free.

Grandfather Clock

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