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Grandfather clocks have come a long way. Today, you can buy a grandfather clock in many colors and finishes that will complement your home’s furnishings and decors. When you need to buy a grandfather clock, turn to We’ll help you finance your clock with financing options that will make buying easier. Select from our many grandfather clock manufacturers: Howard Miller grandfather clocks, Kieninger grandfather clocks and Hermle, just to name a few.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

You Need Experience For Grandfather Kieninger Clocks


A grandfather clock is a major purchase. Trust one of the world’s leading clock makers, Kieninger, for a clock that will last for decades. A Kieninger grandfather clock is built to last. Kieninger has been making clocks for more than 90 years. Founded in 1912, we’re one of the oldest manufacturers of mechanical clock movements for grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantle clcoks around the world. You can find Kieninger grandfather clocks at your clock superstore,

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks

Modernize With A Contemporary Grandfather Clock


A grandfather clock doesn’t have to be an antique. You can fit a grandfather clock into a contemporary or modern home, thanks to contemporary grandfather clocks that can easily blend into the updated decor of lofts and modern homes. Grandfather clocks don’t have to be for your grandparents. Customize your modern, contemporary home with a contemporary clock from manfacturers like Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Kieninger and Ridgeway. Let the clock experts at help you find the perfect clock for your home.

Contemporary Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks In Many Designs


Trust the largest clock manufacturer in the world. Howard Miller grandfather clocks are trusted timepieces built on a long legacy of quality, superior service and excellence in clockmaking. They’ve made grandfather clocks for years, and they know what works. We’ve taken our clock making expertise and infused it into all types of clocks, from traditional and discount grandfather clocks to antique grandfather clocks. You can count on Herman Miller for excellence in timekeeping.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

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Making the decision to purchase a grandfather clock can be a daunting one. How will you pay for it? Where will you put it? How will you get it home? has made buying grandfather clocks easy. We’ll help you pay for it, with easy, convenient financing and zero percent financing that is easy on your budget. Pay no sales tax when you buy your clock outside of New York. Better yet, we’ll ship it to your home for free in the U.S. and offer free home set-up so that your grandfather clocks complements your home decor.

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Howard Miller Grandfather Clock


The Howard Miller Grandfather Clock is really something special. And it is flexible as well. If you want contemporary, these clock makers can give you contemporary. If traditional grandfather clocks are more your speed, you can find that there as well. Howard Miller not only understand clocks, they understand the people who love clocks. They understand that this is far more than simply something you will use to keep time. This is something that will express your pride in your home.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Traditional Grandfather Clocks


At, find all kinds of time pieces, from traditional grandfather clocks from Howard Miller, Ridgeway and Kieninger, as well as grandmother clocks of all types. These smaller time pieces can be every bit as handsome as their larger counterparts, yet they may better fit into a cottage, as opposed to a larger house. Or they may better fit a smaller budget. No matter which type of clock you decide to purchase, you have quite a selection to choose from, so be sure to look for something that fits you precisely.

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks


Contemporary grandfather clocks are just as engaging and elegant as any other, yet they will fit into many of the homes that are being built today. Take the Howard Miller grandfather clock, for instance. The Cosmopolitan model is certainly not your grandmother’s grandfather clock. Its radial shape calls just enough attention to itself to be noticed, but no more. It won’t distract, but it will definitely inspire admiration. Great for your lobby or your home.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks


The Ridgeway grandfather clock can be an exciting, unique thing. Their traditional grandfather clocks are very handsome pieces. If they were people, they would stand very proud and tall, secure in the knowledge that they were some of the best at what they did. And then there is the unique Majorca model, a Mediterranean beauty. It is a head-turner and will be a fantastic conversation piece. Be prepared to answer, “Where did you get THAT?” sort of questions.

Ridgeway Clock

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