Grandfather clocks

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks


The Kieninger grandfather clock is not one clock. Though many clock makers prefer to keep a certain look when designing their wares, this company takes a more eclectic approach. Kieninger grandfather clocks range from the sober Hampton, with its wide case and severe face, to the Stockport, which one could say has almost a priestly air about it. The Cabriolet, however, is rather like an exotic golden bird or a mythical beast. These pieces definitely have plenty of personality.

Keininger Grandfather Clock

Turn To Hermle Grandfather Clocks For Great Looks


A grandfather clock is a special time piece. For one thing, it is going to be with you a very long time. For that reason, it is not just a piece of furniture—it is an investment. Hermle grandfather clocks are definitely worth investing in. They are absolutely beautiful, with body shapes ranging from the traditional rectangular look, to more curvaceous, sleek clocks with rounded faces. They even make a Mauritius triple chime clock, which is a mix of both looks.

Triple Chime Grandfather Clock

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks & Ridgeway

03.22.07 deals in some of the best clocks out there. You can find the fine German craftsmanship of Kieninger grandfather clocks, and the beautiful Ridgeway grandfather clocks, which are elegant and beautiful but definitely built to last. When you’ve decided to purchase such a clock, you have decided to make a statement. What, exactly is that statement? Only you can decide.

Ridgeway Contemporary

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks


If you are looking for an elegant timekeeper, don’t think that you will be stuck with one style. Even if grandfather clocks are your thing, you can choose between contemporary grandfather clocks and traditional grandfather clocks. There are all types of styles, from slim models, to curvaceous models to majestic, rectangular models. Each style of clock has its own personality and at least one of them will fit your home, study or office.

Contemporary Grandfather Clocks

Discount Grandfather Clocks


Purchasing a grandfather clock can be quite a commitment. After all, this isn’t exactly a $50 wristwatch. This piece will become a member of the family and so you must choose carefully. It will be an heirloom, passed down through the generations, as is fitting for such a stately piece. That doesn’t mean you have to mortgage your house to pay for it. You can find high-quality discount grandfather clocks that will fit in perfectly. Your descendants won’t ask how much you paid.

Grandfather Clock

Endless Selection Of Grandfather Clocks


Grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks look very similar, although some sources say that a clock over six feet, three inches is by definition the more masculine of the two and that the more feminine tends to be between five feet, four inches and five feet, nine inches. Classifying clocks is, however, largely up to individual clock merchants themselves. Some clocks are spring-driven, and that causes some to think of it as feminine based largely on that, while considering weight-driven clocks to be of the masculine variety.

Grandfather Clocks

Wall Clocks To Meet All Your Decorating Needs

03.08.07 sells hundreds of wall clocks, from antique and contemporary to oversized and limited edition models. We sell some of the best names in the clock business: Howard Miller and Seth Thomas.

We understand that sometimes a grandfather clock isn’t what you need. That’s why we carry wall clocks than can instantly blend with any home decor: brushed finishes, wood, key wood chime, quartz chime or office, wall and atomic clocks.

Howard Miller Clock

Ridgeway Grandfather Clock


Based on a platform of solid construction, a Ridgeway grandfather clock is built to last. Ridgeway grandfather clocks are made with only the best heirloom quality solid hardwoods that are designed to withstand years of use and give customers years and years of long-lasting durability. Our clocks are even built with extra support, unique designs and topfinishes so that they’ll last for generations to come.

Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

Hermle grandfather clocks stand the test of time


Founded in 1922 by clock maker Franz Hermle, Hermle grandfather clocks are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

With clock factories in Germany and the U.S., Hermle grandfather clocks are renowned throughout the world for their modern designs, timekeeping efficiency and mechanical clock innovation.

Now in its third-generation, Hermle grandfather clocks are built on a tradition of expert timekeeping. stocks a wide variety of Hermle grandfather clocks for you to choose from.

Hermle Grandfather Clock

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